I Hack People For Money: A Day In The Life Of An Information Security Professional

I hack people for money. Companies pay me to find vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. Everyone from small businesses to top corporations hire me and the company I work for to find the ways that a malicious hacker might compromise their systems and access data. The vector may be through a web site, through their externally facing networks, or even from insider threats in their network. I can also do social engineering, using your company's employees to give me the information I want. Let's talk about some of the methods that I use to compromise these targets and you can take away some areas to look at in your own business.


  • Be aware of your attack surface, and what it is.
  • Know that your employees are your weakest link.
  • You're not alone, everyone is vulnerable is some way.
A Day in the Life Of An Information Security Professional

Presented by:

Patrick Laverty