What are you waiting for? Remediate your File Shares and Govern your Information Assets

With the digitalization of business continuing unabated, organizations find themselves with exploding amounts of electronic content. A lot of that content is “dark” content scattered across the enterprise: valuable and obsolete content, orphans, duplicates, etc. located in shared drives, cloud repositories, obsolete applications, etc. Organizations need to go to the gym and trim the fat. They need to: (i) gain visibility about where their content is and what they have in it, (ii) take remediation actions regarding redundant and obsolete content, (iii) identify and extract valuable content in obsolete applications (thus enabling their decommissioning), (iv) bring valuable content under governance controls, etc. Where this is most needed is in Shared Drives where a surprisingly high percentage of valuable content lays uncontrolled and unmanaged. This session will explore these issues and highlight the steps needed to embark on the Information Governance journey…


  • TBA

Presented by:

Bassam Zarkout