Speakers, panelists, presenters, keynotes: plan to arrive prior to 6pm on the 10th if possible, we will be having a private speaker's dinner on the evening of the 10th as a thank you to you for joining and sharing.

Day 1: October 11, 2016

Time IBM InfoGov Room Box Room Adlib Room Roundtable Room
8:00am-8:30am Registration, Check-in, & Vendor Hall Open Volunteer Briefing (IC Office - Room 533B)
Volunteer to help
8:30am-9:00am Welcome To The Information Governance Conference 2016 and Providence, Rhode Island
9:00am-9:40am Keynote: Linn Freedman
9:40am-9:50am Break Roundtable Q&A - Linn Freedman
9:50am-10:20am Panel: Moving Legal Forward - The Steps To Legal #InfoGov Success - Ann Gorr (Moderator), John Jablonski, Don Knight, & Sunil Ohri Panel: The Challenges of Collaboration - Sandra Serkes (Moderator), Laurie Fischer, Dennis Garcia, & Sharon Keck. How To Tackle Information Governance In The Cloud - Sanam Saaber
10:20am-10:30am Break Roundtable Q&As - Ann Gorr, John Jablonski, Don Knight & Sunil Ohri; Sandra Serkes, Laurie Fischer, Dennis Garcia, & Sharon Keck; Kevin Parker & TBA
10:30am-10:50am #InfoGov & The Fed - Joel Westphal, Director, Navy Archives Legacy Media: 12 Steps to a Path Forward - Donda Young & Michael Landau Cybersecurity Leadership - Mansur Hasib
10:50am-11:00am Break Roundtable Q&As - Joel Westphal, Donda Young, Michael Landau, & Dr. Mansur Hasib
11:00am-11:20am Employee Mobility and Protecting Your Company’s Information - Alexander Campbell Quiz Show: Who Wants To Be An InfoGov Pro? (Taxonomy & Metadata) - Steve Weissman Interview: Prepare To Be Hacked - An MIT Study On Hacking Response Preparedness - Tage Rai
11:20am-11:30am Break Roundtable Q&A w/Alexander Campbell; Steve Weissman; Tage Rai and Nick Inglis.
11:30am-11:40pm Panel: Information Governance For Government, Educational Institutions, & Non-Profits - Mara Hermano, Mansur Hasib, Kevin Parker & Joel Westphal 7-14-28: The Information Lifecycle on Pause (Legal Holds Processes) - John Jablonski Panel: Increasing The Inclusivity of the Information Profession - Whitney Bouck, Julie Colgan, Ron Daniels, & Laurence Hart.
11:40am-11:50am 7-14-28: Analyzing Content Analytics - Russell Stalters
11:50am-12:00pm 7-14-28: Establishing Lines of IT Authority - Alexander Campbell
12:00pm-12:30pm Lunch Roundtable Q&A w/Whitney Bouck, Alexander Campbell, Julie Colgan, Ron Daniels, Laurence Hart, Mara Hermano, John Jablonski, Mansur Hasib, Kevin Parker, Russell Stalters, & Joel Westphal
1:00pm-1:40pm Achieving Flow: A strategy for connecting people, processes, and content to achieve a competitive edge (Keynote) - John Newton
1:40pm-1:50pm Break Roundtable Q&A w/John Newton
1:50pm-2:10pm Moderated Debate: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) vs. Microservices Architecture - Kevin Parker (Moderator), Robert Bogue, & Andrea Chiappe The Problem with Search… - Russell Stalters What you need to know about PDF - Duff Johnson
2:10pm-2:20pm Break Roundtable Q&A w/Robert Bogue, Andrea Chiappe, Duff Johnson, Kevin Parker, & Russell Stalters
2:20pm-2:40pm The Battle For Your Data: Cloud vs On-Premises - Julie Colgan Metrics-Driven Content Governance: Managing Content Development for Business Outcomes (Case Study: Allstate) - Seth Maislin Remaining Compliant: IG Perspective - Sunil Ohri
2:40pm-2:50pm Break Roundtable Q&A w/Julie Colgan, Seth Maislin, & Sunil Ohri
2:50pm-3:10pm Change Management: Transforming Chaos - Laurie Fischer How to Identify & Contract with a Cloud Services Provider that you can Truly Trust - Dennis Garcia Panel: How To Form & Enforce Information Governance Policies - Robin Thompson (Moderator), Ron Daniels, Richard Hogg, John Jablonski
3:10pm-3:20pm Break Roundtable Q&A w/Laurie Fischer, Dennis Garcia, Robin Thompson, Ron Daniels, Richard Hogg, & John Jablonski
3:20pm-3:50pm My FOIA Story (or What I've Learned Since I Submitted My FOIA Request) - Phil Eil Panel: Accessibility versus security, what's the right balance? - Andrew Keller, Don Knight, Rich Mesquita, Marko Sillanpaa So Many "Standards" & No Best Practices - D. Madrid
3:50pm-4:00pm Break Roundtable Q&A w/Andrew Keller, Don Knight, D. Madrid, Rich Mesquita, & Marko Sillanpaa
4:00pm-4:10pm FOIA History & Future (An Examination of the Freedom of Information Act On It's 50th Anniversary) - Phil Eil Card Sorting Away Departmental Structures, An Information Architecture Exercise (Workshop) - Robert Bogue
4:50pm-5:00pm Break
5:00pm-5:40pm Keynote: Laurence Hart
5:40pm-6:30pm Cocktail Reception & Networking
6:30pm-8:00pm The 2016 Information Governance Awards (TBA)
8:00pm-1:00am Dinners, Nightlife & Parties (TBA)

Day 2: October 12, 2016

Time IBM Room Box Room Adlib Room Roundtable Q&A Room
8:00am-8:30am Vendor Hall Open
8:30am-9:10am Keynote: Cheryl McKinnon
9:10am-9:20am Break Roundtable Q&A w/Cheryl McKinnon & Laurence Hart
9:20am-9:50am Real World InfoGov Journeys - Susan Whitmire & Richard Hogg
9:50am-10:00am Break Roundtable Q&A w/Richard Hogg & Susan Whitmire
10:00am-10:30am Panel: Looking At Certifications - Jim Merrifield, Ken Mortensen, D. Madrid, & Steve Weissman Information Governance: From the Back Room to the Board Room - Roger Beharry Lall Case Study (TBA) - Andrea Donovan Napp
10:30am-10:40am Break Roundtable Q&A w/Roger Beharry Lall, Jim Merrifield, Ken Mortensen, D. Madrid, Andrea Donovan Napp, & Steve Weissman
10:40am-11:00am How to Plan a Successful Information Management Solution Implementation - Kevin Parker Information Capture: Best Practices Start At The Beginning of the Information Lifecycle - Lance Elicker IG Considerations for Storage and Data Retention - Jim Koziol
11:00am-11:10am Break
11:10am-11:30am Pitch Evaluation (The Explanation) - Information Coalition Team
11:30am-12:00pm Pitch Evaluation - Facilitated Vendor Feedback Forum
12:00pm-12:30pm Lunch Roundtable Q&A w/Kevin Parker, Lance Elicker, & Jim Koziol
1:00pm-1:40pm Keynote: Standing At The Intersection Of Information & Design - Pradeep Sharma (Provost, Rhode Island School of Design)
1:40pm-1:50pm Break Roundtable Q&A w/Pradeep Sharma
1:50pm-2:10pm Zombie Systems: Kill the System, Save the Records - Ken Lownie Getting To The Heart of Data Privacy & Security - John Jablonski The Stealthy Message of “Governance First” - Seth Maislin
2:10pm-2:20pm Break Roundtable Q&As w/Ken Lownie, John Jablonski, & Seth Maislin
2:20pm-2:40pm Records Disposition: Challenges and Opportunities - Andrew Keller Ready. Set. Resilient. - Ken Mortensen Selling Information Governance To The C-Level - Ann Gorr
2:40pm-2:50pm Break Roundtable Q&As w/Ann Gorr, Andrew Keller, & Ken Mortensen
2:50pm-3:20pm How To Tackle Information Governance In The Cloud - Sanam Saaber Panel: How To Identify Organizational Learning (Training) Goals - Marko Sillanpää (Moderator), Julie Colgan, Seth Maislin, Susan Whitmire Panel: Lock It Down or Free For All? - Laurie Fischer, Rich Mesquita, & Russell Stalters
3:20pm-3:30pm Break Roundtable Q&A w/Julie Colgan, Laurie Fischer, Seth Maislin, Rich Mesquita, Marko Sillanpää, Russell Stalters, & Susan Whitmire
3:30pm-4:00pm Panel: Who Should Be On Your Information Governance Committee? - Jim Koziol, Ann Meehan, Jim Merrifield, Robin Thompson Panel: Developing New Information Governance Leaders - Alexander Campbell, Andrea Chiappe, Lance Elicker, & Sharon Keck Quiz Show: Who Wants to be an InfoGov Pro? (Change Management) - Steve Weissman
4:00pm-4:10pm Break Roundtable Q&A w/Alexander Campbell, Andrea Chiappe, Lance Elicker, Sharon Keck, Jim Koziol, Jim Merrifield, Robin Thompson, & Steve Weissman
4:10pm-4:20pm Pitch Evaluation Awards
4:20pm-5:00pm Keynote: Contract Chaos - The Biggest Legal Risk You Didn’t Even Know You Had (And 5 Steps to Protect Against It) - Whitney Bouck
5:00pm-5:40pm Moving From Strategy To Reality (Closing Keynote Panel) - Whitney Bouck, Laurence Hart, Cheryl McKinnon
5:40pm-5:50pm Closing Thoughts From The Information Coalition Team / Afterparty Announced
5:50pm-6:00pm Farewell & Surprise Evening Festivities Preparation
6:00pm + Surprise Evening Festivities

October 13, 2016 - Attendees should plan to depart in the morning or afternoon of the 13th.

Arrival and departure suggestions:
We suggest that you plan to arrive in Providence, RI in the afternoon / early evening of Monday, October 10th. We suggest that you plan to depart in the morning / early afternoon of Thursday October 13th. We will have an early start on Tuesday, October 11th and there will be evening activities you won't want to miss on October 12th.

Please Note:
This schedule is a work in progress and should be treated as such, any of this information is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.